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Funny and Crazy videos from around the internet.

Man Pees on Cops

“Three Ways To Fail A Sobriety Test” video. Scene #3 ~ it’s hard to believe they didn’t see this coming; he was fiddling with his zipper long enough for them to know what to expect!

Ninja Total Flex Video

Though this video of a street performer doing acrobatic stunts with a large steel ring was posted on Youtube only about a week ago, I’m surprised that it hasn’t gone viral and gotten millions of views yet.

I don’t know what this should be called (the person who uploaded it to youtube gave it this title), or whether it has anything at all to do with anything even remotely related to “ninja”, but this guy would be a tough act for any other performer to follow. The description of the video is in Thai language/alphabet, and does not seem to include the performer’s name or even the location of where this was filmed. If anybody out there knows who it is, please contact us to let us know so that we can give credit where credit is due and let the man’s name be known to those who see this here.

Up from the ashes…

This site had been on hiatus for a few years while lyzyrd gyzyrd was busy with some other things, but now we’re back and we will be bringing you crazy news, unusual products, and other things to combat boredom for a few minutes whenever needed.

Let’s get things started with The No-No cat!