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Cool and unusual products ~ some “must-haves”, and some just plain funny or stupid items that we post for their entertainment value.

Go Dog Go Fetch Machine/Automatic Ball Launcher

This is one of the coolest products we’ve seen in a long time. The GoDogGo ball launcher will keep your dog busy and well-exercised. It is completely interactive; the dog loads the ball after fetching it so that it will launch again at a preset interval. You can also adjust the launch distance. This video shows a dog at play fetching and reloading:

As far as we know, this machine is not yet available in stores either online or off (not even Amazon), and must be direct ordered through the manufacturer’s site at GoDogGo Inc.

Doggles Dog Goggles

We all know how our dogs just love to hang their heads out the window when they’re cruising around in the car. But their eyes can get dried out when doing this. Or even worse, they could get their eye poked by bugs or debris that has been kicked up by wind and wheels. The solution? Doggles Glasses!

doggles glasses

Doggles ILS Protective Dog Eyeglasses are the first and only protective eyewear specifically designed just for dogs! Doggles feature a interchangeable lens system (ILS) that provides your dog with 100% UV protection and protects your dog’s eyes from debris during road travel. Not to mention that they make him look absolutely adorable while protecting his peepers!

Features: Polycarbonate (shatterproof), anti-fog, 100% UV protection lenses Interchangeable lens system (ILS). Extremely flexible rubber frame. Elastic adjustable straps – head and chin. Foam-lined frame for extra comfort. Extra deep lens cup keeps the lenses away from the eyes. Available in 5 sizes to fit most dogs.

Prescription Bottle Coffee Mug

Here’s a cool coffee mug design which looks just like a labeled prescription bottle. Can be personalized with your name or the name of any gift recipient.

Directions: Sip repeatedly until you feel human. Quantity: 15 oz. as many times as needed.

Here’s another one with a better 3-D design, but this one can’t be personalized…

Prescription Bottle Shaped Coffee Mug
Prescription Bottle Shaped Coffee Mug by Gadgets and Gear
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